Willemien Bardawil is an artist and designer, internationally recognised for her vibrant artwork and hand-painted ceramics. Her energetic style and playful designs are reminiscent of our signature jacquards, and her artwork is often a source of inspiration for some of our more vibrant patterns. I spoke with Willa to learn about how her painting style influences her fashion choices and why versatility in clothing is so important.

How would you describe your style? And what’s important to you when picking out pieces to wear together?

I would say my style is very feminine and pop; I love mixing vintage items with more contemporary pieces. When picking out pieces to wear together most important is that I feel good in them!

How does your style change as you go from event to event – from the studio to a business meeting to a dinner to party, day to night? 

Some days I start in the studio and then go straight onto a meeting or event so my style needs to be versatile. In the studio I'm most likely wearing a t-shirt and jeans, then I would simply change into a chic top, add some fun earrings and rouge lipstick but keep on jeans and trainers!

Would you say your painting style influences your fashion style in terms of choosing colours and patterns? Which of our patterned styles would best describe you?

Totally! I always get told I have the same style as the girls in my paintings! I use a lot of colour, flower and check prints in my paintings. It’s very joyful and charming. I would say this reflects in my fashion choices; I love bright shades; pinks, reds and blues. I feel they really lift me up! I also adore flower details whether it's a delicate embroidery on a white shirt or a flower print. I love the print on your Hannah skirt, it's so intricate with stunning colours and texture.

We see you are wearing our Hannah Mini Skirt with our Yvette Short Sleeve Polo, as well as our silky Lily top... how do you feel in them?

These pieces are not only beautiful in quality but super comfortable and make me feel great. These pieces could all easily be worn from day to night. I love how I could wear the silky Lily top with blue jeans and Converse and then into the night swap the jeans with a mini skirt, put on some high boots, and add a fun little bag and an oversized blazer.

As an artist you understand the value of investing in a painting, would you say the same about clothing? Why?

Previously, I worked in luxury fashion for 4 years where I became fascinated by colour, pattern, texture and craftsmanship. Here I experienced the limitless world of art and fashion overlap. So I understand the value of investing in clothing, like paintings. Owning something beautifully crafted is so special; it makes you feel great and often it's an investment for a lifetime.

Instagram: @willemien

Website: Willemien Bardawil