Meghan Griffith is the brilliant designer and creator behind Angharad Studio, handcrafting jewellery in reclaimed precious metals that blend fluid natural forms with distinctive edges of creative modernism. The entire EB team absolutely loves her jewellery, and you can frequently spot one of us wearing a piece or two of hers around the office each day. I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Meghan to discuss all things fashion, style, and sustainability – and I even took notes on how best to layer clothes with statement jewellery.

How would you describe your style? And what’s important to you when picking out pieces to wear together?

My style has really evolved with my work over the last few years. I'm always looking for durable, natural fabrics that are perfect for maker days at the bench and running errands around the city. I think much more about the fabric and the shape of the piece now, a cool, strong silhouette gives durable structured workwear fabrics a really great twist. I love jeans, especially a low waist boy cut or a high waist wide leg. I tend to layer tight-fit knitted tops in the winter and invest in a good coat. I also love a nice strong boot! Especially a cowboy boot, classic and timeless but I think you always feel more confident in a pointed shoe. 

woman wearing an olive merino wool top and a vegan leather skirt

How does your style change as you go from event to event – from the studio to a business meeting to a dinner to party, day to night?

I think timeless structured pieces allow your looks to stay versatile throughout the day. I tend to always have a blazer on me, my mum went to LCF and I keep borrowing the most beautiful blazers with powerhouse shoulder pads and big statement buttons that she made there in the 80's. I always make an effort to get dressed for the day, it helps me focus and it also helps me creatively design to the person that I am feeling that day.

We see you are wearing our vegan leather pieces - is sustainability important to you when purchasing clothes?

I think it's vital to purchase with an environmental and ethical conscience. I've put a lot of effort into making sure Angharad is always prioritising sustainable practices and I really appreciate the industry's help that I've had along the way to make this achievable as a young business. It's just something that has to be a priority now and I really support the brands that are pushing for transparency in their production line, using recycled/natural materials, manufacturing locally, and ensuring sustainable and ethical practices. There are so many incredible small and larger businesses that are really paving the way for change, it's really inspirational to see. It has to be a big team effort at the end of the day. 

What are some tips for how best to layer our clothes with statement jewellery during the Autumn/Winter season?

City living in the winter is all about layering, otherwise I think you are always too hot or too cold, I think it's all about that versatility. The beautiful vegan leather shirt and the merino wool top makes for the perfect winter layering! The merino wool top and its slight V neck shape work so well with our chunky silver style pieces. I think statement jewellery is always the way forward as being cosy and warm is a priority for me but you can always rely on a chunky necklace and some statement earrings to dress up those winter turtlenecks. 

We see you’ve layered on our Merino wool Polo Top and our Corinna Leather Shirt - how do you feel in them? Where do you see yourself wearing these?

This really is the dream outfit, the perfect pieces for a busy day and an evening out in the city. The vegan leather is so soft and the lining inside feels so cosy, along with the beautiful quality, I think the attention to detail with these pieces is what makes them so special. The beautiful stitching on the sleeve, the fit and shape of the top is so cool and elegant but also really easy to wear and fine enough to layer.

The low-waist vegan leather skirt is very special, I think this would be a real staple in my wardrobe, you can easily dress it up/down and the low waist cut and slit are just so flattering. I really do feel amazing in them.

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