Responsibility & Sustainability

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is filled with waste, pollution, and worker exploitation. Rather than wait for government to address these issues, we believe it’s our duty as manufacturers and consumers to do what we can to be good global citizens.

Our first goal is to reduce sheer waste. “Fast fashion” is the main culprit there, with hundreds of millions of new garments produced every year – and a similar number discarded. We operate at the other end of the spectrum, producing in small batches and avoiding trend-chasing. We design and manufacture our clothes with the sincere belief that they will be worn for a lifetime.

Avoiding pollution is more difficult, because nearly every material has some drawback. Natural fibres tend to involve pesticides, synthetics can shed microplastics or are petroleum-based, leather tanneries frequently use toxic chemicals, and so forth. Our approach is to source our fabrics from reputable mills – those who care for the environment just as we do – and favour ones close to us, so that transport is minimized. In addition, we try to eliminate unnecessary packaging like low-density polyethylene which is non-biodegradable and not recycled at the household level.

Lastly, our factories are located in Europe and select parts of the Far East, and are supervised by us to ensure the well-being of the workers. Nothing of ours will ever be made in a “sweatshop.” Remember that the cheap clothes found on the high street are only cheap because of the high costs to the environment and the low wages paid the people who make them.